If I were to ask you to name the top 5 most recognized, iconic, classic sneakers of all time, odds are the majority of you would put the Nike Air Force 1 on that list. But what about the adidas Yeezy 350 Boost, would that make the list today? Probably not, but Kanye West has let us know that he would like for the adidas Yeezy 350 Boost to one day be a part of that list.

Recently Kanye chopped it up with Vanity Fair and they discussed the legacy that he would like his 350 Boost to have.

“Yeah, we do the shoes with adidas and this past season we just did apparel on our own out of Calabasas,”.

“We’re in the middle of negotiations [with backers] is the best way I can put it.”

He later went on to discuss sneakers and his designs. Vanity Fair asked is he will continue to release his shoes in limited quantities

“As we transition to eventually where I want to take the footwear, we’ll still keep limited colors for people who are involved in that culture. Because there is a level of exclusivity and stuff that is important in the sneaker culture, to get the ones that no one else has.”

Kanye then went on to talk about the bigger plans he has for his brand, further saying that he wants the Yeezy 350 to be the the best ever of their time.

“But I’m sitting there and I’m looking at the 350s and I’m thinking about the Submariner Rolex or thinking about the Eames chair. It’s like how do you take this thing to a place where it’s just the classic shoe? I feel like the Air Force One or the shell toe speak to the ultimate version of what sneakers were 20 years ago. And I think there’s something about the 350s, that feeling of what sneakers are today. And I just want to keep going in there and working on the shape and the last and the way the knit feels, the padding, the colors, to hopefully make that shoe where 20 years from now people say the 350 represented what shoes were in 2016. And we’re doing the same thing for the 950s and the 750s.”



via: Vanity Fair / SC

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